Older = Wiser (that is the question)?!

Ever since my oldest brother had a 55 Chev 2-door hardtop with an Olds engine and three dueces, I have been hooked. Of course, both my brothers had MG's with 4-speeds at one time as well, and that was a turn on to a young boy .... wow, shifting gears !!!

But times change, now that high stall converters and strong automatic transmission parts are available. You don't have to shift, you simply step on the GO pedal .... what a rush.

We spent time with big block chevs, small and big block Mopars, but once I started working with the small block chevys, I new it was the 'engine of its day' and still can be.

The new LS series, similar in a lot of ways, has improved strength and fantastic head flow, so it is the SBC of the future.


windowtwo engines...

Years ago I purchased a '62 Ford Econoline that had been chopped, and had two 350 SBC in it, one in front of the other. It was running, but not finished. So, after many years of research and just a little bit of cash (?) we had an absolute ball with that thing. Street driven for most of its life, there is nothing like 716 cubic inches for fun while merging onto the highway. So, need advise on 2 engines .... give us a call!

roadand then ONE

So, after blowing our financial brains out, and having a good time, we thought it best to do some more serious racing (kinda) and put in one 434 in the rear location. Of course, all the frame and mounts were redesigned, a new 9" re-inforced Ford rear, and the list goes on.


I personally (Opie) have learned a lot from my career business, which was building specialty vehicles for roadway line painting, runway maintenance, and specialty coatings applications.


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