What's up for 2018?

WoFast Ltd. intends to support all the races on the ONDR schedule (see ondr.ca) or Facebook Groups "Ontario Nostalgia Drag Racers".

In an effort to get out and have even more fun, we also will be planning to go to Empire (NY), Lancaster (NY), Thompson (Ohio) and Norwalk (Ohio) and the Meltdown Drags in Byron, OH.


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The beauty of designing vehicles from the ground up, allows you to build in your final goal, without having to redo designs or work tirelessly at the track trying to get it to hook or go straight.


WoFast Ltd.

The 4-link is definitely the way to go for GO, and the ride isn't so terrible on the street either.

Race Fuel

We will be selling Race Fuel again this year through our partner Joe Boniferro down at Joe's Transmission in Niagara Falls. We will keep leaded fuels from 110 to 118 available as best as we can for our customers.

WoFast Ltd.

We are blessed to be in a geographical area that has many, many highly qualified hot rod builders and restoration experts. WoFast uses these local companies and trusts their work and fair pricing!